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Robin Denise Shukle – Chief Seeker and Alchemist.


Robin is a self-described odd duck.    


For as long as she can remember, her world has been filled with what she describes as ‘mysteries of the Universe’. Those life questions, equal parts conundrum and paradox, that defy a simple or textbook answer. She has spent most of her adult life searching for answers to these very questions.    


Robin has lived a life many would consider successful. She was at the pinnacle of her professional development, enjoying rapid career advancement, was happily married, lived in a beautiful neighborhood, sat on charity boards; she seemingly had it all. Yet she always felt something was missing. While she was grateful for all that she had, she knew that there had to be more. So, she set out to find it; and in doing so, found herself and connected with her life.

Asked to describe herself now, she says without hesitation:


Me? I live a very simple life preferring people, experiences, and ideas over things. I prefer activities that feed my mind, nourish my soul, and move my body. I have an insatiable curiosity. I prefer to do things in person or by hand, mindfully and intentionally. I shop small. I think manners count. I believe that many of life’s challenges can be overcome with kindness, empathy, sharing, and a nap. I surround myself with handmade and intentioned items. I need to be outside and active, as the natural world grounds me with perspective and wonder. I love water. I am a bibliophile who loves beautiful language, new words, and new ideas. I cherish a grand day out, especially if it involves a picnic. I practice the Hippocratic imperative to let food be my medicine. My being is firmly rooted in the universal religious and spiritual imperative to do no harm and to do unto others. And finally, I am eternally grateful. Q.E.D.


This life Robin uncovered and connected with is the direct result of following her crumbs and remaining open to the possibilities she encountered. She hopes, when describing her life a year from now, it will be different. If Pathways to Possibilities has taught her anything, it is that her life is a work in progress. 


Robin currently lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Northern Colorado in a hand-hewn log cabin with her teacher and courageous companion of the road, Hadley Rose Dawg.

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­­Liz Mrofka - Chief Creative


When I was attending high school in the Chicago suburbs, I had the good fortune of having a teacher who wanted to help us expand our minds to more than the history curriculum he was tasked with teaching us. His ideas and reading suggestions led to my path of spiritual self-discovery and following the crumbs life presented.

He suggested I visit the Theosophical Society which was nearby, so I ventured to see what I might find. Their bookstore was a treasure trove and soon I was learning about the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, New Thought movement, and other Eastern philosophies.

I was able to listen to a talk about Findhorn, a spiritually intentioned community in Scotland. They spoke of how they were able to communicate with plant spirits and grow exceptionally large vegetables in poor soil and growing conditions. This crumb later served me when I moved from Chicago to Colorado to practice self-sufficient farming. I did spend time doing my best to communicate with the plant spirits. Did it influence the growth of 6-foot-tall tomato plants and 7 acres of vegetables? I'd love to think so.


Another talk I attended at the Theosophical society was by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, who was the pioneer of developing Therapeutic Touch, which uses consciously directed energy to promote balance and well-being in the body. I was so fascinated by this, it later led me to pursue a career in massage therapy and helping people bring their bodies back into balance and health.


When my creative side started to need more expression, I was led to a degree in graphic design. I found my best work comes when I ask the project "What do you want to be?" and tune in to what ideas come to mind. This practice has led me to designing award winning books, magazines and products.


My most guided inspiration came to me in the middle of the night at 2:22 am. I had been trying to figure out how I could attach a handmade ornament to a gift with ribbon. I woke up with the idea for my patented parallel slot system which grew into my award-winning product “The Fobbie,” a new way to gift wrap.


When I look back at my life's experiences, I can see how following the crumbs has led me to this moment. I am blessed to be able to combine my beliefs of living an intentioned life with my talents of being able to create products to inspire and help build the Pathways community.

Liz lives in a cabin in the mountains in Northern Colorado where she enjoys the peacefulness of nature.

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Hadley Rose – Adventure Dawg Extraordinaire

With the help of Scroungy Dogs & Pretty Pups Rescue in Loveland, Colorado (, Hadley Rose joined her forever family in February 2020.  It did not take Hadley long to settle into her new life in the Rocky Mountains. 


Hadley loves the outdoors, always ready to get outside and see what there is to notice and discover.  While Hadley effortlessly took up the mantle of brave and courageous companion of the road, her true calling is as teacher and educator.  Hadley, as her own sentient being, has much to teach her Mom. And her Mom is eternally grateful. 

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